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Work Woes

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So, I like getting money. Like, I *really* like getting money. I like knowing that my bank account isn't going to dwindle down into nothingness. I like knowing that at the end of the week, I will be picking up a nicely-endowed check that will get dumped in my bank account (with any surplus of $100 overflowing into my savings).

Furthermore, I like working at Dunkin' Donuts. Well, more to the point, I like the people whom I work with. I like the fact that we can make it fun and goofy and laugh at some of the stranger orders, and whine at big food drive-thru orders. I like caffeine. I *really* like being able to fix myself a cappuccino...for free.

But I am lazy. I am inclined to take more time off before starting again; I don't think this would last long before I got bored, but there ya have it.

Furthermore, I am getting my wisdom teeth out May 20th, the recovery time to which I have heard ranges from under a week to around a month. I don't want to be coming into work whilst on Vicodin. I am not House.

Let us consider the fact that I also cannot see myself at DD much longer. I am not cut out for a high-pressure job. I went to a doctor's appointment this past winter right after work, and my BP was 140 over somethingsomething. To compare, when I went over Spring Break when I was NOT working, it was 116 over somethingsomething.

I am twenty (soon-to-be 21); I need more work experience than DD. My roommate just got turned down for a job because she doesn't have sales experience. Retail isn't sales experience *per se*, but it is a broader experience. And I can easily see myself at Fashion Bug. I've applied there once before, but was turned down due to my seasonal availability.

Y'know, being a college student really screws you over in terms of employment.

I don't know. I've been feeling more like an adult lately than I usually do, and I feel as though I've almost outgrown my job at DD, despite having only worked a couple of months there.

And that's another thing. I don't know if I'd be up for three straight months of high-pressure DD shifts. I do want to have a life outside of work, after all.

I just don't know. As of right now, my plans are to wait until mid-June before going back to work, just to keep things on the safe side in terms of recovery time from the surgery. And I want to get my application to Fashion Bug before then, too. Y'know. Just in case.
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