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Harry Potter - No Spoilers

I know, the book came out how many years ago, but I protect the innocent!

I will say only this: it was INCREDIBLE.

And having said that, I want you to rec me fics with the canon pairings. You know, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, hell, I'll even take some Lupin/Tonks or Lily/Snape. But not just any fics—I want these to be basically the best fics ever written. Quality control here!

I still haven't finished my novel (40,115/50,000!), so I'm not going to be reading it until after this weekend (in which I plan to finish said novel), but I'm craving it like mad, so RECS PLEASE.
Tags: fanfiction, flist psa, harry potter, nano 2010, nanowrimo
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