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A Long-Awaited Life Update Post

-First order of business being that I am no longer an EDU major. This is the result of some waffling about, and weighing of options, and discussions with various, unsuspecting people (including my mom, my adviser, and my roommate). I simply had too many credits to fit into too little time, and I did not want to spend any longer in college than I need to. Additionally, I was starting to suspect that teaching was not what I wanted to do. It's more like what I thought I should want to do. I've felt like an English major for quite some time, and I'd always thought that I'd feel like an ed. major when I took ed. classes, but instead, I just felt like an outsider. It kind of took me a while to put 2 and 2 together, but about a month ago (gosh), I filled out the paperwork, and I'm officially a Writing major with English and ed. minors, which should be dandy. I have to take 16 credits each semester until I graduate (or take 18 one, and 15 the other two) to catch up on credits after this semester, but it should be easily doable, especially if I want to keep up with piano. Which...

-I love piano lessons. I'm better at it than I thought I'd be, and I'm not getting bored with it. It's hard to find places and times to practice, and I'm learning that sometimes my hands don't want to do separate things from one another, but it's making for a fun and intellectually stimulating time. I usually just crash in the coffeehouse for an hour or so and poke at the off-tune keys.

-I'm also volunteering at the coffeehouse on campus. I haven't actually had time to get going because of break and the like, but it seems like it's a good time. At the very least, I'll get some reading done while I'm there.

-I'm reading an actual book! The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. It's a good book, definitely chick lit., but no complaints here on that front. Usually my reading is limited to fanfic, so I'm kind of proud that I've been working through this book for like, a week now, and I'm almost done. I give it until Friday.

-And on the fanfic front, I've only been writing a little bit, but I'm back in the Supernatural fandom, shipping Dean/Castiel. I mean, I'll still read older Sam/Dean, but I think that post-season 4, it's all rocky shores on that front. I also love Chuck/Becky in fanfic, apparently, go figure.

-Supernatural is really the only TV I've been watching, unless you count my slow attempts to catch up on How I Met Your Mother. I've been hosting Supernatural viewing parties with Kaitlin in our room, because pretty much all of my friends are fans, so it really works out! It's all a great time.

-I'm going to be Dean Winchester for Halloween. My friend Jade is going to be Sam, and Kaitlin is going to be Castiel—she already has her awesome costume. We're going to LARP all day; it's gonna be awesome.

-I have an idea for my NaNoWriMo: zombies! Basic premise so far is that a writer ends up shooting his wife, who then ends up undead, and the writer teams up with some hunters from the town, finds out things like magic and monsters are real, and...yeah, idk where it's going really, but there are hunters, and zombies, and at least one witch.

-I went on a smallish road trip with Jade during Fall Break to Rhode Island. Which, Connecticut never ends: fact. What a pain. I also spent way too much money at Dunkin' Donuts. It was fun, though, and I wrote kind of lots, and fell a bit in love with Providence.

-I've been looking at grad. schools. My shortlist is about 10 items long, which is an improvement from 40. My favorite is Rosemont College in Pennsylvania. I don't know what their housing deal is, though, so it's going to take a little more investigation, but definitely looking into it! I'm not even sure if I'm going for writing, English, or publishing (kind of like this last one, though).

Hm. So I think that's about all. At least for major stuff. If I think of anything, I'll edit.
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