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People suck

So, I think I've been pretty good about not ranting about work.

I've never posted anything to customerssuck—mostly because the people who come into our store are understanding and patient, which is probably more than I would be, to be honest.

This isn't a customer issue so much as a people issue, but I do need to rant about it because it is just something that Makes Me Angry.

Today, and I'm pretty sure this gentleman (and I use this term mostly facetiously) has been in before and done something similar, a man was at front with his two sons. I gave them their orders, cashed them out, and wished them a good day, and it all went swimmingly up until he started to leave.

Because that was when he said to his sons, "Come on, girls." And this isn't a simple teasing way, and there's nothing to suggest any context, except that I've heard the tone of his voice before. It's that Mr. Roper, "lookit the ~fairy" tone. It's that tone that suggests that if those boys even think of being gay, there'll be hell to pay.

In that moment, I wanted to punch that man in the face. Or to get Burt Hummel to do it for me because he's my role model for fathers-of-gays.

It makes it worse, knowing that there are people like this all the time everywhere. I wanted to just say something, but it was so not the time or the place, but people like that really make me wish for a better world.
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