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Labels, bitch


My name is


My identity is

adult, alien, ambi-brained, bisexual, brunette, cat lover, chick, chubby, cuddly, cute, Democrat, daughter, dork, dude, fangirl, female, flirty, friendly, GLBTQIA, geek, genetic woman, homoerotic, indecisive, intelligent, introvert, lesbigay, liberal, me, obsessed, peoplesexual, polycurious, polyflexible, pro-choice, pro-gay, queer-minded, quiet, quirky, self-defined, she-geek, student, submissive, wannabe, witch, working class, XX

What's yours?

I watched part of The Haunting in Connecticut, and now I can't sleep because the unresolved spooky tension will eat me.
Tags: i am ridiculous, meme
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