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100 Drabbles of Summer Prompt Table
The first thing you brokeStormDog DaysShore
The last time you lovedHeatSignificantInsignificant
The Kindness (or not) of StrangersStitchesSummer ColdRoad Trip
The last thing you lostTuneBurnRing
A strange soundStickySuperstitionBreakdown
Run-in with NeighborsTravel TroublesPitching a TentBaggage
The last time you were lateEndingsA summer sportRevelation
Accidental discoveryTreasureAnts on a picnic blanketA grill full of barbecued food
A box of old photographsA broken clockA red Chinese lanternCrossroads in a forest
Dandelion and seedsBrightly-lit Ferris wheelMan fishingA big frog
Fruit saladHermit crab in his shellIce cream dropped on sandGlass of iced tea
Floating life preserverRed balloonPalm tree bent nearly horizontalSilhouettes jumping off pier
Return to Sender on envelopeSailboat against colorful sunsetElaborate sandcastleA seashell
Shooting star at duskSome unusual sunbathersKid with goggles swimming underwaterAuthor's Choice: Silk
Author's Choice: EarsAuthor's Choice: Summer LoveAuthor's choiceAuthor's choice
Author's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choice
Author's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choice
Author's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choice
Author's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choice
Author's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choiceAuthor's choice

Drabbles will be linked to in the table, and posted in the comments with the following format for header:
#. Prompt - Fandom - Title - Rating

7/100 (6/24)


76. Author's Choice: Silk - Bandom - When You Dressed Up Sharp - PG-13

Pulling the second stocking up his smoothly-shaven leg, he felt ridiculous. He fastened it to the garter around his thigh and straightened, observing his reflection.

The corset took forever to fasten, and it looked a little silly. A pair of lace panties barely covered him, but nor would they cover a girl. Besides, they matched the black stockings. He slid his feet into the pumps and opened the bathroom door.

His heels tapped against the wood floor as he walked to the bedroom. He paused in the doorway.

Brendon's eyes dragged up his body, his breath catching. "Fuck, Spencer, c'mere."

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77. Author's Choice: Ears - Merlin - The Desperate Type - R

Arthur moans into Merlin's mouth, lets him drape atop his body, gangly limbs tangling with his own. His skin burns against Arthur's. It's suffocating, like a wool blanket.

Arthur breaks away to breathe, shuddering as Merlin's hips grind against his. He sucks his own lip into his mouth, biting back an embarrassing, un-princely whimper. He twists and fills the space between his teeth with Merlin's skin, his jaw rough with the shyest stubble. He follows the line up to his ears, those ridiculous, stuck-out ears, and pulls the soft flesh of his earlobe between his teeth and bites.

Merlin shouts.

23. Dog Days - Being Human - Puppy Love - G

"Stop following me!" George barks over his shoulder as he walks in.

"Who's that, then?" Mitchell asks without glancing away from the TV.

"Oh, look at that! He's so adorable!" Annie squeals, rushing toward George.

"He always looks like that," Mitchell says. He startles as George falls beside him on the couch.

Annie kicks the door behind her, a bundle of fur in her arms.

"Is that..."

"A puppy," George grumbles.

Annie swats his shoulder. "Honesty, how can you possibly be mean to this face?"

"George," Mitchell begins, chortling, "I think he thinks you're his mum."

George shoves at him.

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Re: 23. Dog Days - Being Human - Puppy Love - G

Awww, that is so cute! George + little fluffy animals is really the most adorable possible combination in the world. I love Mitchell and Annie's reaction to it as well. ♥ You are lovely. Thank you!

Re: 23. Dog Days - Being Human - Puppy Love - G

♥ ♥ ♥

You are very welcome, dear. Thank you for finally getting me to watch that show, haha.


ok, that is just too damn cute! I LOVE IT!

48. Revelation - Merlin - Used to You - G

Arthur wasn't sure when having Merlin around had become one of his favorite things, but nor could he remember a time when it wasn't true.

It sounded pathetic, even in his own head.

He hadn't noticed how used to his endearing idiocy he had become until Merlin caught sick and was removed from his duties under Gaius' care.

When his replacement servant had come in that morning, using the proper honorifics, obeying his every order—without question or comment—Arthur wanted to feel happy. That was how things were supposed to be between a prince and his servants.

Instead, he missed Merlin.

Re: 48. Revelation - Merlin - Used to You - G

i aprove! so cute!

1. Vacation - American Idol Season 7 - Take a Vacation - G

Cook closed the sliding glass door behind him, keeping the artificially frigid air inside the house. His flip-flops smacked against the stone patio.

Archie lay sprawled on the chaise by the pool, his skin bare and sun-darkened, smelling like chlorine and cocoa butter.

He snored lightly, and Cook suppressed a guffaw. He was as overworked as Cook felt.

They'd needed this break.

The sunlight danced off the water rippling out from the filter, and Cook was seized by a wicked thought.

He flung his flops off and broke out into a run toward the water, launching himself into a cannonball.

Re: 1. Vacation - American Idol Season 7 - Take a Vacation - G

niceeeeee can you say this weekend? hai there beach!

10. Envy - Doctor Who - What I Want is What You Have - G

The Doctor burst into the TARDIS, multicolored flowers draped around his neck and a grass skirt tied around his waist, over his suit pants. "Did you see that?!" he shrieked into the chamber.

Of course the Master didn't see that. He'd been tied to the railing in the TARDIS the entire time, sonic handcuffs around his wrists. "Having fun?" he asks, pointedly rattling the cuffs against the metal.

"Oh, now don't be jealous," the Doctor says.

The Master bristles. "Jealous?!" he barks. "Of you? As if."

The Doctor sends him an infuriatingly knowing look.

"It's only the Caribbean."

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78. Author's Choice: Summer Love - Original Poetry - up the I-95 - PG

i'll meet you up the I-95
where the grass grows green
and summer never ends

my shirt creeping up
and your hands on my skin
too hot not enough

together again
the sun in your eyes
the wind in your hair

a guitar sings
and the flowers dance around us
while we make our own beat

a piece of heaven
with an ocean view
and blueberry perfume

we fall in love
with music
and with summer

heat evaporates into your touch
and the rain plasters
our clothes skin hair

south for the winter
away from you
my heart is cold

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